Belted by Beauty BDSM

You're going to wish you were getting belted by one of these beauties. The crazy thing is, it is so wild and hardcore. You've never seen men enjoy being belted like this before. They are enjoying it just as much as you do. You'd give anything to have one of these babes belt you. Especially if afterwards you got to drill her pussy. Check out Belted by Beauty and see for yourself. These girls love dishing out the pain as much as they guys do receiving it. They take belting to a level that you certainly haven't seen before!

Recent Scenes:


Posted on October 24, 2012. Filed under High Heels, Blonde.
Leathered Tough clip. The last one of this shoot. It was hometime, but the slave didn't want to go, so Mistress Ashleigh decided to break him. Make him beg to go. The longer he could hang on, the longer he got to stay and Mistress Ashleigh made him pay the price. Of course, he...

Pain In The Boot Room

Posted on October 24, 2012. Filed under High Heels, Blonde, Stockings.
Pain In The Boot Room The Boot Room here is quite unlike any other. There is a slave permanently assigned to the task of keeping on top of the Ladies shoes and boots. Unfortunately for this one, he's been shackled and hooded and unable to do any work today. But do you think that's going to...

Down Helpless

Posted on October 24, 2012. Filed under Smoking, Femdom.
Down Helpless You're pinned helplessly by a girl young enough to be your daughter. The weight of Her fine dancers body on your shoulders, pressing through the nylon. Her left knee is on your left arm and your right dangles over Her right thigh, trapped and denying you the leverage...

Scarlett March

Posted on October 23, 2012. Filed under High Heels, Blonde, Big Tits.
Scarlett March She's ready for a beating. She has her belt ready. She has her sexy outfit on. This is about to get good and you know it. This is the kind of fun you've been searching the internet for. You know you have. You spend more time looking for pain and punishment than you'd...


Posted on October 22, 2012. Filed under Stockings, High Heels, .
Ultraviolence Beat with a belt. Made feel worthless by this woman. Most people would look at this and cringe. They would feel sorry for the guy. Not you. No way would you ever think of anything like that. That's because you know how much he likes it. You know that he's been...

Whacking Crew

Posted on October 22, 2012. Filed under High Heels, Big Tits, Stockings.
Whacking Crew Five sexy women all dressed up. They are looking good. Don't you wish you were that guy? Every single one of you guys do. If you say that you don't, then you're a liar. This guy, he has the best job in the world. He gets to enjoy being punished by so many sexy women....

Showroom Belting

Posted on October 21, 2012. Filed under High Heels, Big Tits.
Showroom Belting Most men love cars and babes. This takes those things to a whole new level. This adds in some belting and pain. Just enough of each to make you wish you were there. This guy, he is living out his dream. A dream that a lot of you guys have. To be tortured and punished...

Scarlett Returns

Posted on October 21, 2012. Filed under Blonde, Big Tits.
Scarlett Returns High heels and her favorite belt. You already know this is going to be good. You just don't know how good yet. You'll see. Make sure that you look at every one of these pictures. Look at them closely. Enjoy each and every one of them. You know he enjoyed himself. He's...

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